Wild Pear has been created by Lisa Meaney.

Lisa is based in Oxfordshire. She has created Wild Pear to bring the most effective and life affirming approaches to change to the environmental crisis.

Lisa has worked for 15 years leading and facilitating place based change in communities across the UK. She spent 12 years working in the creative industries in the north of England, on site based and environmental projects, and as a creative partner in government funded change programmes.  


She is a Clore Social Leadership Fellow and holds and MA in Design and Environment from Goldsmiths.

Along with her own skills in innovation, collaboration and change, she brings access to a network of trusted environmental, creative and change partners from across the UK as part of Wild Pear.

Her enduring commitment to both high quality creative practice and practical 'in the world' change is the driving force behind Wild Pear. 

Lisa maintains a private art and design practice, she occasionally publishes and presents her thinking on environmental change methods and our human relationship with nature. These endeavours also  inform the continued development of Wild Pear.

Find out more about Lisa's experience and training here. 

"Lisa combines the resourcefulness and creative imagination of an artist with the critical thinking and organisational skills of a strategic manager"

Nick Nuttgens  / Freelance Trainer and Facilitator, Director of Creative Partnerships, Sheffield, 2005-2012

"Lisa's vision and creativity make working with her a stimulating and rewarding experience, her research and long term experience has helped us refine and translate our ideas into achievable successes"

Maddy Howe / Chair, Marsh and Micklefield Big Local