Wild Pear brings the methods used by creative professionals to innovate and bring people together, to the process of environmental change.

Wild Pear works with place based organisations: councils, charities, businesses and groups, that want to make change happen and engage a broad public. 

We work on the basis that the methods used by artists and designers, to research, engage, problem solve, visualise and create, can capture the public imagination, bring people together, and bring change to life in the world effectively. 

Creative professionals are skilled at applying these methods across disciplines and within restrictions. We know how to combine practical innovation and problem solving with sensitivity to place, people, history and culture. 

Wild Pear combines these approaches with a broad experience of working on environmental issues, and in partnership with environmental experts. We can work as a temporary Creative Partner in your team, or assemble a team to deliver for you.

Methods Include:

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Creative Public Engagement

Using methods that are enjoyable and effective: collective mapping, co-design, site or street based interventions, Wild Pear will help you to develop local understanding and build enthusiasm and involvement around local issues and routes for change.