• lisa60600

Returning to Knepp.

I visited the Knepp rewilding estate today in Horsham, West Sussex, with my daughter Niamh and Romeo our dog. The last time I was there was 8 years ago. I just wanted to go back and get a feel for the place again.

I came away with a sense of hope. Nothing is in high definition at Knepp, the place is full of subtle 'becomings'. Shapes shift in the scrub and find your eye, a bird turns its silhouette into something unfamiliar in the sky, a searching curiosity unfolds in the human.

Knepp is a living palimpsest. On this old English farmland, the history of our relationship with all that is non human, is being actively, practically and open-heartedly re-written. With Natural England ( decidedly on board, surely every landowner and council across the country has the go-ahead to do things differently.