• lisa60600

Who is responsible for climate and nature action?

A recent report by Climate Outreach describes how Climate Change is viewed to be mostly the government's responsibility, compared to Covid which is viewed as being both a personal and a government responsibility.

An article in Stir To Action magazine a couple of years ago, (when I find the exact source I will put it here!) described how, during World War Two, it was the British people in their communities that initiated collective local action: growing food, repurposing buildings etc - the government saw what was happening, and created the 'Dig for Victory' campaign.

I wonder if this is how history will describe the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Alternatively, we could pre-emptively, clearly, and proactively reframe climate and biodiversity as a triangulated personal, local and government issue.

Covid has shown us the effect clear messaging can have. Whilst it might seem obvious to declare our respective and related responsibilities with climate and biodiversity, its not something that has happened.

Please excuse the tenuous link to the idea of triangulation and collective effort in the pic!