Thame COP 26 - Pilot, just finished, now planning Thame COP 27  

During the first two weeks of November, the Glasgow 'Conference of the Parties' brought leaders from every country together in a united effort to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. Thame COP invites the 'parties' of Thame: businesses, schools, faith organisations, and groups, to do the same.
As part of the first Thame COP year, 51 local 'parties' have made commitments to increase biodiversity and reduce emissions on their patch - these will be enacted by March 2022, and celebrated at a COP Social. 

Wild Pear designed Thame COP as a simple but powerful way to harness the growing desire to take action in Thame, and bring people together around this. By connecting Thame to the cycle of global COP summits, Thame COP ensures local action is also connected to the
broader facts and realities of the climate and ecological emergency. 

Read the Thame COP story so far here and visit

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Funded by South Oxfordshire District Council 

Sowing the Seeds to a Net Zero Carbon - Action Research Project

Planting a tree has to be one of the most satisfying ways to address the climate and ecological emergency. We also need to nurture a tree tree care culture: a closer everyday relationships with trees, and common knowledge of how how to look after them. This will sustain the current effort into the coming decades and beyond. 

With this in mind and in response to Buckinghamshire Council's pledge to plant a tree for every resident, Wild Pear CIC and Chiltern Rangers CIC are exploring how to teach communities to learn to harvest and grow local tree seeds, whilst also learning about the 'secret life' of tree communities. We are experimenting with creating local temporary or distributed nurseries - to see if seedlings can be nurtured on 'meanwhile' sites while permanent planting locations are secured.

Funded by Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye, and Wycombe Community Boards 

Social and Environmental Research

Wild Pear CIC works regularly as part of the Just Ideas collaborative - a team of experienced researchers and facilitators led by Just Ideas, Sustainable Solutions Ltd. Wild Pear collaborates on research design and leads on creating compelling visual tools. Wild Pear also works on the ground conducting research, often in place based settings.  
Projects to date have been global, national and regional in scope, and have recently focused on the
relationship between public agencies and community organisations, the support needs of regional  organisations addressing climate change, the effects/viability of broader system change in regional statutory contexts. 

Christmas Lecture: Fly Zero
December 2021

Lisa Meaney, was invited to deliver a provocative talk to the 80 strong team of engineers and scientists developing hydrogen powered passenger flight. Lisa spoke about ways of knowing, ways of designing, and our material relationship with the natural world. She drew on her own research, methods and forthcoming publication 'Everyday Animisms' as well as the work of other post-humanist scholars. Lisa created a visual exercise to encourage the Fly Zero team to express their reaction to her thinking. 

'Everyday Animisms' chapter in international compendium 'Crafting-with the environment'

Towards Posthumanist Design: With-Water

Published 2014, Formakademisk

Due to be published by Springer in August 2022.